One-Pan Breakfast Burrito

A simple and delicious recipe that will quickly become a weekend staple!

Ingredients You’ll Need

- Thick Cut Bacon (2 slices cubed)

- three eggs (scrambled)

- 5 Tater Tots

- 1/2 Avocado

- Flatiron Pepper Co - Hatch Valley Green

- Queso Fresco

- 1 Large Tortilla

bacon final.jpg

Cook it, Cook it real good…

Try not to set off your fire alarm!

smash tatersfinal.jpg


- Discard half of the bacon fat in pan.

- Smash and fry those taters!

Spice Those Taters!

- About 2 minutes in, dust those guys with a healthy portion of Flatiron Pepper Co - Hatch Valley Green. Maybe toss in some garlic powder if you’d like!

- Set aside with finished bacon once fried to a golden brown

green eggsfinal.jpg

Scrambled Eggs

- Scramble eggs and cook in remaining bacon fat

- Don’t forget to dust those guys with a healthy portion of Hatch Valley Green


Wrap it up!

- Place eggs, smashed tater, bacon inside of the tortilla.

- Top with Queso Fresco and half an Avocado

- Optional: Place tortilla on hot pan for a crispy exterior

- Enjoy!