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Our Story

Flatiron Pepper Co was founded in 2017 by Matt and Mike, two co-workers and pizza fanatics. We like HEAT on our slices, and flavor strong enough to punch through the grease. Normal pepper flakes can't cut it with their stale, cardboard taste and lazy little hint of spice. If you shake them on thick enough to get some actual heat, you’re eating more flakes than pizza!

We decided enough was enough, and set out to create chile flake mixes worthy of your respect. Humbly, we present you with our Four Pepper, Hatch Valley Green, and Dark and Smoky blends. Each has its own unique character. We've chosen the best and most flavorful chiles from around the world, ensuring that each blend delivers plenty of heat and a burst of fresh flavor with each shake.

Try them on Pizza, stir-fry, pasta, steak, or any other dish that needs to make an impression.

Use sparingly, and enjoy.

Matt and Mike